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Coffee Stains? Worry No More Now

Coffee is an invigorating drink, without which it is difficult to imagine the morning of a modern person. Unfortunately, coffee stains on clothes – no less common thing than the drink itself. Many people faced with this scourge have a natural question about how to remove coffee from clothes in order to restore their original look to their clothes.

If regular washing doesn’t help to cope with corrosive coffee stains, you will have to apply more effective folk advice on how to remove the coffee stain from clothes. This guide will help you getting coffee stains out and understand exactly what tools to use, and how to do it correctly.

Fighting fresh coffee stains

Removing fresh coffee stains is much easier than removing coffee stains that were set relatively long ago. The following popular recipes will help you to understand how and with what means you can get rid of brown traces:

Turpentine and alcohol

Before you get coffee out of shirt with a mixture of turpentine and alcohol, make sure that your clothes are not made of delicate and soft fabrics – they will simply deteriorate under the influence of an aggressive solution. If the fabric is strong, mix equal amounts of alcohol and turpentine in a small container.

In this solution it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and gently (without rubbing it inside) to wipe the stains from the coffee, then leave the solution soak for 30-60 minutes. After that, you should wash the treated item in the washing machine using the normal mode.

Glycerin and salt

Before you clean the stain of coffee in the washing machine, spend it processing gruel made from diluted with water, salt and glycerin. It should be carefully applied to the stain, let it soak for 30 minutes, and only then wash it.

Laundry soap

If you do not know how to remove the coffee stain, and you simply cannot find the above means in your home, you can use ordinary boiling water and soap, preferably household. The soap should be crumbled into water, boil the solution and pour coffee stains on it, leave it for a short time and send to normal washing.

removing coffee stains


In order not to spoil the thing with alcohol, before removing the coffee stain, look at what the clothes are made of. Strong and resistant fabrics can be simply moistened with alcohol in the area of ​​contamination, and after a short absorption, it is loaded into the drum of the washing machine. For delicate things alcohol can be diluted.


Heat a little glycerin on the stove, then dip a cotton pad in it and rub brown traces of coffee on it on them. Stains are guaranteed to be gone!

Vinegar and powder

How to get rid of coffee stains from the clothes, if the house is only vinegar and washing powder? Mix them into a slurry and just apply to the stains!

The previous recommendations on how and how to get a stain from coffee apply to all things, but for whites it is recommended to use special methods that you will learn about later. It is worth noting that the first time the fight with stains may not work. In this case, you should simply perform the procedure again – as many times as necessary for the result.