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Keeping a Room Cool: The Easy Way Out

Summer is joy and grace. But when the thermometer shows unthinkable numbers in the shade, it becomes sticky, wet and almost unbearable. In the hellish inferno it is difficult to cool a room without ac of an ordinary apartment, to fall asleep at night. Especially if there is no air conditioning.

Ice in front of the fan

This method can completely keep a house cool without AC. We put a bowl of ice or a bottle of ice water in front of the fan, and he spreads cold air around the house, absorbing moisture from the melting ice.

Chilled bed sheet

If at home it is very hot even at night and it is impossible to fall asleep, then we put the sheet in the freezer for 10 minutes and only after that lay it on it. Do not forget to put the sheet in a plastic bag. This cool down a house, while, falling asleep.

ventilate the apartment

Wet curtains

If you open the window and from the soul spray the curtains hanging on it from the spray gun with water, then the effect of more humid and cool air ensured. True, it will last up to half an hour. For a lasting effect, you need to spray the cloth quite often.

Closed windows and balcony

In order to cut off the hot air from the street and prevent the greenhouse effect, you only need to get rid of the habit of opening windows and a balcony door when it is hot. It is best to ventilate the apartment before the heat, at the earliest hours, and after it subsides – late at night.

Reflective film

The real barrier to sunlight is a reflective mirror film on the windows. It easily glues with its own hands, is inexpensive and effectively keeps the room cool inside.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fan – an excellent remedy to keep a room cool. Moreover, in the summer, it must rotate counterclockwise so that a cold air flow is created at high speed. This cool breeze effect will surely help you feel good on the hottest days.

Several new plants

Plants help keep the house cool, as they partially lose it in the process of processing moisture. Therefore, the air in the house with greenery is cleaner and fresher. Aloe vera, Areca palm tree, Benjamin’s ficus, home fern, oxtail, golden potos can especially help to keep it cool. True, you should remember about their frequent watering.

Ice bottles

A simple but effective way to cool a house is to put water bottles in the premises that were frozen in a refrigerator. The ice will melt and give off wet coolness. Breathing will be much easier. All bottles can be frozen again after the ice has melted. And if it is hot unbearably, then such a bottle can be rolled foot. The state of health will instantly improve.

Frozen Balloons

If the balloons are half filled with water, hold the night in the freezer and spread throughout the day, a comfortable temperature will remain until the evening. By the way, the same trick also works on the open veranda, in the country. They can also be used to cool beverage bottles.

Freezer Content

If it is very hot and there are no ice cubes or water bottles in the refrigerator, then the most common frozen vegetables or fruits will be useful. Pour the pack in a plate, put next to him on the desk, on the nightstand or on the couch and enjoy.