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Smoke Out the Odor, your Options

There are a lot of different situations, after which the clothes smell no worse than an appetizing smoked piece of meat, or vice versa, a nasty ashtray. This includes a picnic with a shish kebab, and much less pleasant bonfires with fallen leaves, of which a lot burns in the autumn in the courtyards; the smell of cigarette smoke or fumes from the fire. In any case, there is not a single thought and desire except for an instant deliverance from the stench, which over time only causes headaches and spoils the mood. The conversation will go about how to get rid of the smell of smoke on clothes.

The smell of smoke produces burning micro particles that entangle in the fibers of the fabric. They sometimes become extremely difficult to wash, especially if the ashes were oily with tar, and they can emit stench for a very long time. Aromatic products (perfumes, air fresheners, perfumes, etc.) are weak assistants, since their function is to kill the smell of smoke for a while, to veil it. However, to stop it for good in this way will not work. It is important to focus on the source of the “flavor” and get rid of smoke smell in clothes.

Before washing

Method 1

You will need:

  • Coffee
  • Baking soda
  • Peppermint

For these ingredients, the process of removing smoke smell from clothing is similar. The method is also suitable for things that cannot be washed, such as jackets, sheepskin coats, leather things.

You will need a tight bag with no holes in which spoiled clothes fit.

Put things in a bag and add natural chalked coffee or baking soda. Pour more, do not regret. It is important that the selected agent is evenly distributed throughout the fabric.

Tie the bag tightly and leave to stand for 24 hours. Periodically scare him.

After this procedure, a part of the smell of burning will leave the clothes and the usual washing will be enough to bring it in order.

Method 2

If the clothes can be washed, and there are stains on it, in addition to the unpleasant smell, then use a solution of lemon juice to get smoke out of clothes.

  • Pour warm water (about 30 ° C) in a basin or bath (see the volume of things).
  • Squeeze out lemon juice in water (1-2 lemons per 10 l of water).
  • Soak the clothes in this solution for an hour and a half.
  • Rinse

The smell of smoke from the fabric will be washed, after washing.

How to wash in simple cases

  • Clothes after a picnic
  • The smell of smoke from the urban street fires, not a long exposure
  • Cigarette smoke, slight impact

In the situations described, the clothes, although they have a persistent irritating smell, are not significantly smeared with fumes, oily inclusions are poorly expressed, there are no ash spots. Ordinary washing can cope with this problem to remove smoke odor from clothes. It is only important to pack things in one wash, only smelling of smoke or to supplement them with things not of paramount importance.