Artificial Grass, House maintenance

Choosing the Artificial Grass, the Easy Option for You

The maintenance of a natural lawn not only takes away a lot of time, but also costs not as budget as it may seem. Grass must be purchased, sowed, watered, cut, fertilized and get rid of weeds. Have to stock up on grass mixture, tools and time. Already grabbed his head and decided to abandon the idea of ​​landscaping the site? Do not hurry, because there is an excellent alternative to choose artificial grass.

Artificial lawn allows in a matter of hours to turn the most dull piece of land into an alpine lawn. This coating has many applications, and accordingly varieties. We will talk about the things to consider before buying artificial grass, and at the same time we will learn how to choose artificial grass for specific target needs.

Artificial grass – what to choose

There are several types of artificial turf:

Decorative – suitable for interior decoration inside and outside. Used to create vertical gardening in the interior, exterior design – balconies, terraces

Landscape – used for landscaping suburban areas, as well as for flooring in children’s playgrounds

Sports – used as a permanent coverage of sports fields, football fields, tennis courts.

choosing fake grass

What artificial grass to choose to give

A beautiful lawn that will please the eye with lush greenery at any time of the year and at the same time not require titanic care efforts is not a dream, but a reality. By means of an artificial grass, it is possible to realize any landscape imagination. Bought, brought, rolled out, put a chaise lounge, poured orange fresh juice and enjoy the spectacular view of the site.

The landscape artificial grass has two-level pile that most precisely imitates a natural lawn. The core pile has a bright green tint, while the backing fiber is often lighter or darker to create a natural effect. Pile landscape lawn for landscaping; choose from 20 to 40 mm. The denser the structure of the coating, the better it absorbs and eliminates the use of additional seals (quartz sand).

How to choose artificial grass for the playground

The cushioning properties of artificial turf make it popular for use in playgrounds. Using artificial turf will prevent injuries and help keep it clean. If artificial grass stacks on a space with low traffic, such as a private house, you can stay on the landscape. If the site is public and every day will be exposed to large mechanical loads, then it is necessary to give preference to the lawn for sports fields.

The big plus is that the lawn does not need special care. Any dirt and dust is washed off with ordinary water, which does not stagnate, but goes into the ground through the base with drainage. The optimum height of such a grass is 10–30 mm, know the details before buying artificial turf.

What grass to choose for sports lawn?

As the sports grounds suggest intensive exploitation of the sports lawn cover, the default is tougher. Pile of grass should have the densest weaving, and the fiber from which it is made must be of sufficient quality and durable to withstand strong mechanical loads. The use of choosing fake grass is extensive – these are football and volleyball courts of various formats, tennis mini-courts, and golf courses.

The height of the grass pile for the sports field can vary considerably. For a tennis court it is 10–25 mm, and for a football stadium it is already 30–50 mm. Also, relevant technical characteristics of the coating. For example, with a pile height of up to 20 mm, backfilling with special materials (quartz sand, crumb rubber) is not required, but for grass higher than 40 mm, the presence of granulates is a mandatory criterion for comfortable and durable use.