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Laminate Flooring Options for You: The Ones That Are Water Resistant

Water and high humidity is the most important enemies of the laminate. This beautiful, modern and durable coating can quickly become unusable. It is often enough to spill some water on the flooring, especially if it happened in a room with poor ventilation. However, letting the floor keep its beautiful view for a long time is possible. It is enough using water-resistant laminate flooring or its most protected version – waterproof.

Brief description of application possibilities

Even relatively recently, it was practically impossible to imagine laminate in the hallway, kitchen, and especially the bathroom. This coating was not applied in public places, where wet cleaning is often done. Laminate floor quickly fell into disrepair.

water-resistant laminate flooring

Modern materials are made according to special technologies for water resistance flooring. There are three types of laminate on the market:

  • Waterproof;
  • Moisture resistant;
  • Water resistant

The first type is relatively simple and inexpensive. This is common waterproof laminate flooring, each board of which specially treated with wax in the castle zone and along the end. To create flooring in the room offered mastic, which covers the edge of the trimmed slats.

The laid laminate surface with wax processing resists moisture well in the living room conditions of an average apartment, where they do not do wet cleaning several times a day.

With the help of materials with high moisture resistance, it is easy to make beautiful and durable coatings in kitchens, hallways, nurseries, where spills are frequent. In addition, using special varieties of laminate, you can decorate the bathroom, baths, saunas, as well as the surface of the outdoor platforms, balconies.

What are the advantages of coatings with high moisture resistance?

Laminate moisture resistant and water resistant are very attractive in the eyes of the end user. Materials have an impressive list of advantages. In particular:

  • High strength. Coatings are not afraid of falling objects. In the bathroom, you can drop jars on it, combs, there will be no scratches from them;
  • High humidity does not affect the appearance of the coating. This property has a waterproof for water resistant laminate flooring. The surface of the floor does not swell, does not change color;
  • The outer layers of material are specially made with enhanced grip characteristics. On the laminate is almost impossible to slip;
  • Moisture resistant laminate and its waterproof varieties are not afraid of temperature changes, have a lower coefficient of expansion compared with the material, made by the classical technology;
  • Waterproof laminate, made without the use of wood-containing components, does not accumulate static, so there is practically no dust on it.

Waterproof laminate is selected according to the format (geometric dimensions) of the slats, their color and pattern. In addition, it is easy to buy very interesting artistic solutions. Moisture-resistant coatings can mimic the surface of metal, woven mats, wood, stone, leather, laying of ceramic tiles. With this laminate, you can get a unique decoration and at the same time – high moisture resistance of the coating.