No water, no more…

         Hon. Manuel llego, Barangay Captain, Brgy. Tag-alag, Marabut, Samar

Even before Typhoon Haiyan, water supply was already scarce in this remote and coastal barangay of Tag-alag in Marabut town, Samar province. Surrounded by seawater, communities struggle for fresh water supply to drink and for domestic use.

Fetching water was a very time-consuming task for everybody. In order to survive, people had to go literally for an extra mile, travelling 100 meters to the nearest water source or worse to another barangay with their big water containers. Manpower and logistics play major roles. If you don’t have both, that would spell trouble.

As part of the rehabilitation program for Haiyan-affected communities, NASSA/Caritas Philippines through its implementing partner, the Social Action Center – Diocese of Calbayog, has provided water supply facilities to areas such as Barangay Tagalag, which never had access to clean, potable water.  Working hand-in-hand with members of the community, a level two piped-water system has been installed within the barangay to supply water to 185 households.

“The materials used for this piped system are not substandard so I am confident that this will last a lifetime,” Barangay Captain Manuel Llego said.

From 100 meters, people would just walk 2 to 3 meters to the nearest water source. No more long, exhausting travel with big containers to other barangays. No more time, energy and money expended. No water, no more.