Do air compressors refill themselves

Air compressors are widely used in many areas of human activity. These devices are indispensable for installation, carpentry, construction, and repair work. Also, air compressors are successfully used in everyday life and choosing enough power may not be an easy task, and this article is aimed at reviewing the work of the best 60 gallon air compressor. As a rule, these are compressors having an electric motor operating from 220 V.
Do air compressors refill themselves

Compressor pump assembly design

The compressor design is very similar to an internal combustion engine, only in this case the crankshaft is driven by an electric motor. Work takes place in the piston head. Its design is very simple. It consists of a cylinder, piston, piston rings of the compressor, connecting rod, crankshaft, as well as intake and discharge valves. Air pressure in such compressors is increased by reducing the gas chamber, by means of the piston stroke, as occurs in internal combustion engines. The basis of the work is the movement of the piston – translational movements lead to the absorption of air into the cylinder, and with the return action, the air is compressed. The piston compress and pushes air through the exhaust valve. To reduce the friction force between the piston rings and the cylinder, oil enters the compressor head. But in this case, the air has impurities of lubricant at the outlet of the compressor. To eliminate them, a separator is installed on the piston unit, in which the mixture is separated into oil and air.

The receiver is an integral part of the compressor

In the design of the reciprocating compressor is another very important element – the receiver, which is a metal container. It is designed to eliminate pulsations of air leaving the piston block, and works as a storage tank. The size of the tank depends on the capacity of the compressor pump and the pressure that it creates. Thanks to the receiver, you can maintain the pressure at the same level and evenly use the air. For safety, an emergency relief valve is installed on the receiver, which is activated when the pressure in the tank rises to critical values. During operation, the compressor itself maintains the necessary pressure, the rheostat regulates this process. When the pressure in the receiver reaches the required values, the relay opens the contact, and the engine stops. Conversely, when the pressure in the receiver drops to the set lower limit, the rheostat closes the contacts, and the unit resumes operation. Thus, the compressor constantly replenishes the air volume.