Women: passionate, persevering, productive!


New Dampigan Women’s Association, New Dampigan, Samar

One beauty brought about by Typhoon Haiyan is how it moved people particularly women to explore their other potentials.

This is the story of the women in the town of New Dampigan in Samar province, who found a new hobby, a passion and source of livelihood all at the same time. They are the New Dampigan Women’s Association, who are engaged in poultry raising.

It all started when the Diocesan Social Action Center of Calbayog gave the group a total of 500 ducks as part of its livelihood program for Typhoon Haiyan survivors.

The group is composed of 21 members, all of them women. They raise ducks and sell its eggs, salted and fresh alike, to the nearby towns of Sta. Rita and Basey.

But it wasn’t all easy going especially at first. When Typhoon Hagupit, locally known as Ruby, hit the town last December some of their ducks died from the storm. They almost lose hope. But giving up was never part of their system! So instead, the women persevered together and delicately took care of the remaining ducks.

Now, the women are the more than happy and contented of the product of their pure hardwork and ingenuity. Several weeks after the onslaught of Hagupit, the women are once again back on track.

Currently, they are harvesting 700 up to 1,000 eggs every week. They are also set on marketing their products to nearby towns, which they do through the support and trainings provided by the social action center. Yes, they are truly women in action.